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FREE 7 Day Meal Plan
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Want to try meal planning but not sure how? Looking to save time and money in the kitchen? Then this FREE 7 Day Meal Plan is for you! Enjoy having the next week’s meals and grocery shopping list completely planned out for you – it’s only one download away!

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Here’s everything you get in this 7 Day Meal Plan:

  • 7 days of quick, nourishing breakfasts
  • 7 days of easy, 30-minute lunches
  • 7 days of simple, delicious dinners
  • 2 of Brooke’s best dessert recipes
  • A complete grocery shopping list
  • Brooke’s tips for successful meal planning
  • One whole week of easy and healthy cooking!

This 7 day meal plan is designed with your busy lifestyle in mind, as well as your budget. Each recipe has been chosen to maximize flavor, time, and your wallet, as well as provide a solid foundation of sustainable health habits. Cooking doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful when you’ve got a plan in place!

You’ll love this meal plan because there are recipes for every meal of the day, each with unique flavors, ingredients, and cooking methods. I hope you’ll discover new dishes and cuisines that encourage you to live your best life, both in and out of the kitchen!