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100 Essential Pantry Items
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No household is complete without these 100 pantry items! This list includes dried goods, canned goods, grains and starches, broths and oils, vinegars, spices, bagged and packaged goods, condiments, and all baking goods. Grab your copy and stock your shelves so you’re prepared to make almonst any recipe!

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One of my biggest secrets to being effective in the kitchen is always keeping stock of the essential pantry items. These ingredients are shelf-stable, meaning they can sit there for months and not expire, and are incredibly versatile.

Keeping these basic pantry staples on hand means you have the capacity to create simple yet flavorful meals in minutes! Say goodbye to microwave dinners or constant takeout.

With this list of my 100 Essential Pantry Items, you’ll always be ready to throw together quick dinners or try new and exciting dishes from my blog! Best of all, this download is FREE!