June 29, 2021

Raspberry Almond Arugula Salad with Lemon Pepper Chicken

Made with arugula, lemon pepper chicken, raspberries, feta cheese, almonds, and raspberry vinaigrette, this Raspberry Almond Arugula Salad is easy to make, packs 33g of protein per serving, and it naturally gluten-free and refined sugar-free.

For the last 6 months or so, I've been hooked on MasterChef Junior - it's absolutely mind-blowing what those little kids are capable of! At their age, I was setting the kitchen on fire because I forgot to add water to my microwave mac and cheese...

One thing I've noticed with all professional chefs, young or not, is this weird obsession with "arugula salad." It's like the meal suddenly becomes so much fancier because there's a pile of raw arugula on the plate next to their protein. I've also learned that their definition of "salad" is quite different from mine!

One kid literally put just arugula on the plate. Another had just arugula with some pickled onions. No dressing, no other mix-ins, and there were like 5 leaves. Um, no thank you Gordon Ramsay.

But wait, there's more! Pinterest was just as bad! The number one arugula salad recipe was fresh arugula drenched in a lemon olive oil with black pepper and parmesan. That's not a salad! That's an excuse to "eat" olive oil and cheese.

It made me so mad that I set out to create a real arugula salad - one that had complex but complimentary flavors, lots of color, and most importantly, actual nutritional benefits. Today's recipe for Raspberry Almond Arugula Salad checks all those boxes and certainly deserves an award from Gordon Ramsay for sure!

Raspberry almond arugula salad with feta cheese and lemon pepper chicken on top

Simple Ingredients, Bold Flavors

  • Fresh arugula: I would say this is the star of the salad, but it's the only beginning! This leaf is bright, tart, and a little bit peppery, and it pairs beautifully with the sweet fruit and creamy cheese!
  • Grilled chicken: using chicken tenderloins will keep this arugula salad simple but full of protein. Don't forget the lemon juice and fresh cracked pepper!
  • Ripe raspberries: for a pop of color, a whole 'lotta sweet, and a little bit of tart. Make sure to wash and rinse these little berries well!
  • Feta cheese crumbles: a salty, creamy cheese that just can't be beat. Don't skimp on the cheese!
  • Sliced almonds: for a healthy crunch. I prefer buying pre-sliced almonds to save me time but you can also chop whole almonds yourself.
  • Raspberry vinaigrette: I love this dressing (not sponsored) because it's fat-free and sugar-free! You get all the flavor without the calories. Feel free to use whatever brand you like.

A pile of fresh, vibrant raspberries

How to Make Raspberry Almond Arugula Salad

It's actually so easy I probably don't need to explain how to make it, but I'll write it out to prove how simple this simple arugula salad really is!

Prepare the chicken: this is where most of the leg work comes in, but it's really not that much work at all. Just grill the chicken over the stove until cooked and slightly charred, about 10 minutes. Squeeze a fresh lemon over the finished chicken and garnish with a good dose of fresh cracked black pepper.

Prepare the salad: just toss everything in a giant salad bowl! No need to dice the raspberries or chop almonds (unless all you have is whole almonds). If you're serving this salad right away, go ahead and add all of the dressing. If you're meal prepping this salad for the week or letting guests serve their own portions, keep the dressing on the side and toss individually.

Raspberry vinaigrette being drizzled over an arugula salad

Why This is the Best Arugula Salad

  1. There's more than just leaves! Unlike every other arugula salad recipe I've found, this Raspberry Almond Arugula Salad has five additional ingredients besides the arugula!
  2. Talk about protein! Each serving of this Raspberry Almond Arugula Salad has a whopping 33g of protein thanks to the chicken, cheese, and almonds. Who said you couldn't get full on salad?
  3. Incredible flavor: between the tart raspberries, the creamy feta, the mild almonds, the peppery arugula, the citrus-y chicken, and the sweet dressing, this salad has a little bit of everything to really liven your tastebuds.
  4. It's good for you! The arugula is packed with vitamin C, vitamin K and calcium; the almonds provide a boost of magnesium and a good source of heart-healthy fats; the chicken adds lean protein; and the raspberries are a great source of vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. Oh, and the dressing is only 5 calories per serving!
  5. Main dish or side dish: the choice is yours! This simple arugula salad is great for serving at large gatherings, a small family dinner, or making ahead for individual meal prep. I've done all three and it's just a winner every time!
  6. Allergen-friendly: each bite of this Raspberry Almond Arugula Salad is naturally gluten-free, refined-sugar-free, and peanut-free. It's also easily dairy-free if you swap in your favorite non-dairy feta substitute!

A half eaten raspberry almond arugula salad

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A platter of Raspberry Almond Arugula Salad

Ok I honestly can't wait for you to take a bite into this salad. It's unlike any other salad you've had and will easily be the best arugula salad you've ever had!

After you try this recipe, be sure to leave a star rating and review below so other readers know how you liked it! You can also tag me on Instagram with your happy face - I love seeing my recipes in your home!

Made with arugula, lemon pepper chicken, raspberries, feta cheese, almonds, and raspberry vinaigrette, this Raspberry Almond Arugula Salad is easy to make, packs 33g of protein per serving, and it naturally gluten-free and refined sugar-free.


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  • 1 lb. chicken tenderloins
  • 1 lemon
  • ½ tsp fresh cracked black pepper, to taste
  • 5 oz. fresh baby arugula
  • 6 oz. raspberries
  • ½ C reduced fat feta cheese crumbles
  • ½ C sliced almonds
  • ½ C Skinnygirl Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing


  1. Heat a skillet to medium-high heat and spray with cooking spray. Grill the chicken until cooked and slightly charred, about 7-10 minutes. Garnish with fresh lemon juice and black pepper, then slice into pieces.
  2. In a very large bowl, combine all remaining ingredients except for the dressing. Toss to combine. Divide into four portions and serve. Drizzle 2 tablespoons of dressing over each serving.*


*If serving immediately, you can toss the entire salad with all of the dressing. If using as a side salad at an event or a meal prep recipe, only dress with dressing when ready to serve.

Nutrition facts are a calculated estimate of 1/4 of the entire prepared salad, including the dressing. Nutrition facts will vary with different dressings.


Serving: 1/4 salad / Calories: 280 / Fat: 10.3g / Saturated Fat: 1.5g / Sodium: 405mg / Carbohydrates: 15g / Fiber: 7g / Sugar: 4.8g / Protein: 33.4g