April 10, 2023

70+ BEST Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms (2023)

This is the ultimate gift guide for every new mom in her breastfeeding journey, whether she is a nursing mom or pumping mom. Each of these thoughtful gift ideas are a great way to make mama's postpartum journey easier, healthier, and happier.

When I got pregnant with my first baby, I was so excited to put together my baby registry and pick out all the things. Because baby things are just the cutest.

I had my baby shower, and then I had my baby, and I felt like I had nothing I actually needed!

(Granted, I was a first time mom so what did I know, but I thought following the registry's suggested categories was the perfect formula for success.)

Well mama, if you're about to have your first (or subsequent) baby or you know someone who is about to have their baby, and breastfeeding or pumping is part of the feeding plan, then this list of gifts is perfect!

I've compiled over 70 awesome gifts and great ideas that will actually be used and appreciated by a new mama and help her in her wonderful journey of breastfeeding.

How to assemble a breastfeeding gift basket

If you want to give the perfect gift to a new breastfeeding mama but just can't seem to choose one thing, put together a gift basket with a few different options!

It doesn't require a lot of work or a lot of time, and you can customize it exactly how you want it. It's also a great option during the holiday season or for leftover baby registry items that weren't purchased.

Here's how to put together a breastfeeding gift basket:

  1. Find an empty basket with clear cellophane wrap like this one
  2. Choose the best gift ideas from the list below (they can be unique gifts, practical gifts, or helpful gifts). In my experience, it's more fun if the gifts follow a theme or color palette. One of my favorite gifts from my best friend for my first baby was the diaper bag I put on my registry and she stuffed it full of all the things I would need to keep in my diaper bag! Another time, I gave my friend a "box of sunshine," which was a box of self care items that were all yellow. There's no one right way to choose the gifts!
  3. Arrange the biggest items on the bottom and fill in the gaps with the smaller items
  4. Wrap and tie closed with a cute bow


1) Lactation cookbook

One of the best gifts a new mama could get. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

I wrote this cookbook to offer holistic lactation support and give mamas the knowledge and resources they need to troubleshoot a low milk supply without paying for a lactation consultant.

Inside, there's 13 pages of lactation science and FAQs, as well as 50+ lactation recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even dessert to boost milk supply. Each recipe is a recipe I personally used to help my milk supply and they were approved by my husband and toddler as well!

Grab a copy of my Lactation Cookbook here!

2) Lactation cookies

Skip the processed, store bought lactation cookies or lactation cookie mix and make the BEST homemade lactation cookies! They are gluten free, refined sugar free, and vegan, so they're safe for almost all new mothers (even with allergies) and they're so delicious you might have to sneak one yourself.

And the best part? They DON'T have brewer's yeast so you don't have to go buy a whole expensive bag just to give the gift.

Grab the full recipe for my best lactation cookies here (or inside my cookbook)!

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3) Protein bars

A shelf-stable snack that will keep mama energized and satiated during the day. They're great to keep next to the rocking chair, in the nightstand drawer, or in the diaper bag.

Be sure to choose a brand that uses natural ingredients, has at least 15g protein, and minimal added sugar.

My favorite brands are Odyssey, Quest, No Cow, Go Macro, and Built bars. Use the code "MAMA10" to get 10% off your order of Odyssey bars!

4) Protein powder

Protein is so important for postpartum mamas, and because keeping up with calories is hard work those first few months, protein shakes are a great choice for getting enough hydration, calories, and protein.

Protein also helps aid in recovery from birth, boost metabolism, and provide essential nutrients for baby.

Gifting a wholesome brand of protein powder (along with a new blender bottle!) is a great option that will nourish and support her for those first few weeks.

As a pre/postnatal nutritionist, I reviewed the top 15 protein powders on the market and evaluated five different criteria to decide which brands were the best for breastfeeding and pumping moms.

Some of the brands were MilkDust, Majka, and Clean Simple Eats. To see the full review and my professional recommendation, read the blog post here!

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5) Superfood powder

Sometimes life gets busy and new moms forget about meal time or need to grab something fast. That's why I love keeping my superfood powder mix on hand.

It's made with plant based protein and packed with tons of vitamins and minerals mama and baby needs to flourish, like vitamin C, vitamin E, and the entire B vitamin complex.

You can add it to smoothies, oatmeal, or protein shakes. My favorite is my morning smoothie!

I've been able to find it at most Walmart stores, but you can also order it here on Amazon.

6) Coconut water

It's important to drink plenty of water while breastfeeding because water is the foundation of breast milk. On top of that, you're losing all of your electrolytes on a daily basis so you're extra thirsty.

However, if you're anything like me, water gets really boring really fast and it's a battle to drink enough, even when you know you should.

That's why I liked to switch things up by rotating in coconut water here and there. Not only is it hydrating, but it's full of all the natural electrolytes I'm losing in my breastmilk too.

I know this seems like such a simple gift but from one breastfeeding mama to another, it's a real winner.

I recommend Vita Coco coconut water because it only has one gram of added sugar and it's packed with vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

7) Body Armour

Breastfeeding drains so much of mom's electrolytes, so it's important to stay hydrated and include foods and drinks that replenish electrolyte stores.

Body Armour LYTE (no added sugar) is a great option because it's made with coconut water, a natural electrolyte, and it's fortified with potassium, sodium, and magnesium.

Getting a 6-pack of these drinks for mama to keep on hand or in her car is a great idea to help her with staying replenished! You can also get a 12 pack of any of the flavors here on Amazon.

8) Mother's milk tea

Lactation tea is a great way to boost milk supply in a natural, holistic way because herbs are readily absorbed and easily digested.

There are a few different brands out there, but my recommendations are either Pink Stork or Traditional Medicinals organic.

Looking for a cute way to give a box of tea bags? Find a cute breastfeeding mug and pack the individual tea bags inside!

9) Roasted chickpeas

Chickpeas are a natural lactogenic ingredient and I love incorporating them in my diet while I'm breastfeeding.

If you don't have the time to make them from home, the Biena brand sells ready-made roasted and salted chickpeas and they're a great lactation snack to have on hand!

10) Chomps jerky

Protein is one of the most important things for a breastfeeding mom, so having high protein shelf-stable snacks on hand is key.

I love Chomps jerky because it's made with grass-fed beef and has no added sugar, which you don't find in other brands.

They also come in packs of 12 on Amazon, so you can stock up on your favorite flavor! They sell different flavors of beef, turkey, and venison.

11) Cordless blender

I don't personally have one of these, but this would be a great gift for a mama who's always on the go and loves her smoothies.

You can add all the ingredients before you leave the house, then blend them when you're ready to eat! No need to have an outlet nearby.

Grab this cordless blender in black, baby blue, or rose pink!

12) Magnesium supplement

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals because it fuels the mitochondria in our cells and aids in over 800 enzymatic reactions throughout the body. It's also one of the first minerals to be depleted if we are stressed or highly active (like being a new breastfeeding mom).

I encourage all of my clients to invest in a magnesium supplement because it helps with energy levels, sleep, metabolism, and efficiency throughout the body. When mama is more efficient and energized, she is more capable of producing milk.

However, it's important to note that there are different types of magnesium supplements on the market, and the standard ones you might reach for on the shelf at the store aren't the most bioavailable to our bodies and won't help that much.

That's why I chose this magnesium supplement: it's made with clean ingredients, no artificial dyes or additives, and it contains the entire magnesium complex (all seven forms of magnesium) to make sure mama gets everything she needs. It also comes with vitamin B6 and manganese, other nutrients that are important for brain function and metabolism.

13) Vitamin D3 + K2 supplement

Both of these vitamins are critical for milk production. Vitamin D is required for the synthesis of oxytocin, one of the two milk-producing hormones, and babies are born with very low levels of vitamin K, so they rely on mom to get enough of it.

Providing mama with a dual supplement is an easy way to help her build her supply and nurture baby at the same time. Nested Naturals is my favorite vitamin D+K supplement!

14) Sunflower lecithin

I talk all about the potential benefits of sunflower lecithin in this blog post, but this is a great gift for new mamas to help prevent mastitis and increase milk flow during those first few months of breastfeeding or pumping.

While there is no definite positive correlation between the supplement and milk production, lots of mamas have found success using sunflower lecithin, and it is safe for mom and baby.

15) Brewer's yeast

This supplement has been well known to help nursing moms boost their milk supply, as well as ease digestion and offer a boost in all the B vitamins. You can add it to smoothies, cookies, or even baked desserts.

The best brand for brewer's yeast is Mommy Knows Best because they offer debittered yeast at a great price and they're ranked #1 on Amazon. I've personally used this brand and I love having it on hand!

Head to their website and use the code "KAPAICOOKING" for 20% off your order!

A pan of honey lime chicken enchiladas

16) Freezer meals

Whether these are homemade, from a meal delivery service, or from the store, freezer meals are the gift that keeps on giving. They last up to 6 months and make dinners a breeze for tired parents.

Some of my favorite freezer-friendly recipes are:

17) Meal delivery service

Meal delivery services are a great happy-medium between gifting home-cooked meals and just gift cards for takeout. Mama gets the convenience of not planning or shopping for ingredients, but restaurant-quality food cooked in minutes right in the comfort of her own home.

In addition, you can tailor the meals to a specific diet like gluten free, paleo, or low carb, depending on mama's needs.

Keep in mind this is a more expensive gift, and it does imply a continuous service, but you can cancel the subscription at any time or set it up in mama's name and transfer the login information to her if she wants to continue it with her own money later.

Some popular brands are HelloFresh, Homechef, and Factor. To see more options, visit this blog.

18) Butcher Box subscription

I've had my eye on this subscription for a while and I think it would make a great gift for new parents! Protein is vital for maintaining a good milk supply, improving metabolism, and healing after childbirth, and one of the best sources of protein is meat.

If mama eats meat, Butcher Box is a great option. It's a meat delivery service that sends prime cuts of beef, chicken, pork, and fish right to your door with free shipping. And it's not just any meat - it's 100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, and wild-caught fish, the best of the best!

You can choose how frequently mama receives deliveries, what types of meats come in each delivery, and a special sign-on offer too.

Check out the Butcher Box website for more details, discounts, and special offers.

Nursing essentials

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These are all items a nursing mama would want to have in the nursery or her diaper bag to keep her comfortable and relaxed.

I've personally used a lot of these items and so have my friends, so I know they'll all be a great choice.

19) Boppy pillow

The ultimate nursing pillow. I never personally had one, but a lot of my mama friends swear by the Boppy pillow. This is an especially great gift if mama is having multiples because the breastfeeding pillow helps support her back during feeding.

Plus, you can choose the cutest pillow cover to go with it!

20) Nipple cream

Those first early days of breastfeeding are ROUGH. And your nipples get the brunt of it.

That's why nipple cream is one of the best gifts you can give a breastfeeding mother! It's immediate relief for her sore nipples.

Always choose organic nipple cream to minimize the endocrine disruptors and toxic chemicals. My favorite brand is Earth Mama because they are certified vegan and lanolin free.

21) Belladonna products

Belladonna Midwifery offers holistic remedies for all your pre/postnatal needs like perineal spray, an herbal postpartum bath soak, and magnesium spray.

You can shop their products here on Etsy and find the best one for mama, no matter where she's at in her motherhood journey.

22) Big water bottle

Nursing moms are always thirsty and, in my opinion, need multiple water bottles spread throughout the house and the car to stay on top of hydration.

Solution? BIG water bottles that stay cold and don't need to be refilled as often.

I use both my Hydroflask and my Stanley tumbler and love them both. They're insulated metal so there's no harsh chemicals from plastic, I have a straw, and they stay cold for more than 12 hours without ice.

Plus, they're a great alternative to the water bottle mama might bring home from the hospital!

23) Hatch night light

I'm obsessed with my Hatch because it doubles as a nightlight and a sound machine and I can control everything from my phone. There are multiple settings for sounds, lights, and volume, depending on the time of day.

This is a great gift because mama will not want to turn on the lights for a midnight feeding or diaper change, but she's going to need to see! With the Hatch, she can adjust the light and the color without disrupting the white noise or completely waking up baby.

You can find the Hstch at most stores like Walmart and Target or get one here on Amazon.

24) Muslin burp cloths

Mama will thank you for these burp cloths. Not only are they minimalistic, they're also incredible soft AND durable.

I bought so many of these and had them stashed everywhere - the living room, the nursery, the changing station, the diaper bag, the car, my purse, my gym bag, and yes, even the kitchen. Literally everywhere.

25) Nursing pads

There are a few reasons why I loved nursing pads and why I would recommend them as a gift for new mamas:

  1. They catch random leaks of milk throughout the day
  2. They protect my nursing bras from permanent milk stains
  3. They act as a nipple cushion (we're not trying to be obvious here)
  4. They act as a barrier between nipple cream and the bra

While they're not the cutest gift you could give, they are very practical and I would consider them a great option if your gift is more for helping get a mama on her feet as she gets used to breastfeeding.

There's two kinds: the disposable and the reusable nursing pads. I personally used the disposable pads to keep things simple, but if mama wants to be a bit more sustainable than I was, these organic reusable nursing pads are a great option. (Just make sure you know how mama feels about laundry before you decide for her.)

26) Long charging cable

An absolute must that you don't realize you need until it's 3am and you're trying to stay awake while pumping next to the outlet in the rocking chair.

I also used my extra long charging cable in the hospital room, so this is a great gift to give even before baby comes!

For Apple users, this long lightning cable is a great deal because it comes in a pack of two. Otherwise, I'd go for an extra long USB C cable like this one (plus you can choose how long you want it to be).

27) Diaper bag

If you know what mama is looking for or she picked out a diaper bag on her registry, this is a great gift. They can be mildly cheap to pretty expensive and there are lots of things to consider when choosing a diaper bag:

  1. Is it easy to clean? You KNOW this bag is going to see its fair share of spit up, throw up, poop, crumbly snacks, sand, rocks, and everything in between. It should be a material that is easy to clean and stain-resistant.
  2. Is it durable? This bag is going to go everywhere and do everything with mama, so it should be a material that can withstand heat, squishing, folding, traveling, and everything that needs to go inside. (Real leather, although cute, probably isn't the best option here.)
  3. Is it practical? A diaper bag should have pockets on the inside and the outside and lots of functionality. For example, this diaper bag has a side pocket with a velcro flap for wipes so you can leave the wipes in the pocket but still access them easily.
  4. Does it have supportive straps? This often goes overlooked by new moms because they just want the cute diaper bag, but those expensive leather bags or shoulder bags have no support and will only add to the back pain. Opt for a diaper bag that has thick, comfortable, adjustable straps like this one.
  5. Is your partner willing to wear it? This is an optional criteria but if the man in your life doesn't want to carry it because it's too feminine, that might be a pain point in the future.

If you want to get mama a diaper bag that meets all the requirements listed above, you should get this Eddie Bauer diaper bag. It's quite affordable, easy to clean, practical, supportive, and minimalist enough that my husband will willingly carry it. I absolutely love it and recommend it to every mom!

28) Car seat cover

For those colder and windier days when you're headed on a walk with baby. These aren't a necessity (I never had one) but if mama does want one, I highly recommend this 100% organic muslin car seat cover.

It secures on the handle with little snaps and isn't super tight, which leaves breathing room and circulation, both of which are extremely important for baby. I also love that it comes in six different earthy neutral colors!

29) Haaka

I never personally used one but I know a lot of mamas swear by the Haaka. They use it to catch leaking milk from the other breast (liquid gold!) and hand pump anything left after a feeding. It's pretty cheap and it small enough to fit in the diaper bag, too!

This Haaka breast pump is BPA free, fits most breast sizes, and has over 80,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

If you're looking for a wearable option, this Ladybug Haaka fits right in the nursing bra and can hold either 1.4 ounces, 2.5 ounces, or 5 ounces of milk, depending on the size you buy.

I just learned about this one, so I can't speak from personal experience if it works well or not, but it has over 5,000 ratings on Amazon with an average of 4.1 stars.

30) Frida Mom Breast Care Kit

I wish I had known about this one when I was a first time mom! I love the Frida brand and they are my go-to for postpartum recovery.

This breast care kit comes with a breast massager, a breast warmer, and cooling pads with aloe to help relieve dry nipples. The massager and warmer help stimulate the let-down reflex and fix clogged ducts. It's basically one of the best breastfeeding gifts you could give!

31) Lactation massager

If you're looking for relief from clogged ducts and to improve milk flow, a lactation massager is a great choice. This one is compact enough to fit in a diaper bag and has both heat and vibration settings included.

It's also battery powered, which means it's portable, and it comes in two different colors, dusty pink and sea foam green.


Just like pregnancy brought a new wardrobe, so does nursing! It's all about finding the balance between comfortable, practical, and stylish at an affordable price, and these gift ideas below are all right on the money.

32) Nursing cover

This one is especially great if you are an exclusively breastfeeding mama because you're going to feed your baby in lots of different public places.

There's tons of styles to choose from, but what I would recommend prioritizing is the size and the thickness of the nursing cover. Ideally you would use muslin or some sort of fabric that is light and breathable but also thick enough that you can't see through it.

I love this nursing cover from Amazon because it's got great coverage, it's light and breathable, and it looks more like a shawl than an awkward blanket. It also comes in a few minimalistic colors and designs.

I also love this nursing cover because it can also be used as a swaddle, burp cloth, or car seat cover!

If you want to be able to see baby's face really well, this nursing cover might be a better option.

33) Nursing shirts

Having a few nursing friendly shirts on hand is so helpful if you spend lots of time outside your home with your baby. They are made with either extra layers, snaps, or zippers to allow easy access for feeding without lifting up your entire shirt or having to remove your shirt.

I love this nursing shirt because it's simple, cute, and doubles as a maternity friendly shirt so you get more use out of it. I also love this button down shirt because it looks like a normal blouse but the buttons make it easy to nurse on demand.

These nursing tank tops are also a great option! They comes in lots of colors and styles, they're maternity friendly, and they have extra fabric up top that can be lifted up to breastfeed easily.

34) Nursing dresses

If you wear dresses often or you want nicer nursing-friendly clothes for church, nursing dresses are another closet staple for me.

I love this nursing dress because it comes in short and long sleeves, has lots of colors, and it SUPER light, soft, and comfortable.

However, my absolute favorite nursing dresses all come from Roolee, a boutique based in Utah. I have this one and this one and they are well worth the price tag. They are SO cute, so practical, and so comfortable too.

35) Bathrobe

I feel like I lived in either pajamas or my bathrobe those first few weeks postpartum, even if I wasn't showering as much as I liked haha. A good quality bathrobe is just a wonderful thing and mama would so appreciate a new robe, especially if she got to bring it to the hospital for delivery!

Some great options for bathrobes are this kamino-style bathrobe (over 20,000 5 star reviews on Amazon!), this plush robe in taupe, and this microfiber bathrobe in any color.

36) Button up pajamas

Again, buttons make for easy nursing, especially in the middle of the night. Just one or two buttons and you're ready to feed baby!

I have this pajama set from Target and it's still one of my favorite pairs of pajamas two years later!

This set from Amazon is similar in style and price to the set from Target, but it comes in more colors.

And if you want pajamas that have long sleeves and pants for the colder months, I love this pajama set.

37) Nursing bras

In my personal experience, nursing bras are a very difficult purchase to make, even if you talk to all your friends and read reviews online about certain brands. Every woman is a different size and shape, and prefers a different amount of support or a specific style for her bras.

Then you throw in the whole take-it-apart-to-feed aspect and it just complicates things.

So, my recommendations for nursing bras are based on my personal experience and you should include at least one more thing in your gift to mama if getting her nursing bras is something you want to do.

I swear by the nursing bras from H&M because they're actually comfortable, they come in lots of colors, and they fit my smaller frame without looking weird under my shirt. They're also surprisingly resilient to milk stains and I still wear them from time to time because they're so comfortable.

I also love these nursing bras from Target because they're perfect for sleeping at night. The only time I wear a bra at night is when I'm nursing because I need that support and I leak regularly, so by wearing a comfy bra I can also wear nursing pads to catch the leaking milk.

38) Fuzzy socks

It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, fuzzy socks are always a good [and safe] idea. The hospital socks mama gets just aren't it, I promise.

You can find fuzzy socks almost anywhere - Walmart, Target, the Dollar Store - but in case you don't want to go hunting, I love this pair and this pair. They're cute, simple, and extra fuzzy!

39) Slippers

If mama prefers slippers over socks, these slippers are simple but so perfect. And these slippers are closed toed with memory foam inside. Either slippers are a great choice!

40) Solly Baby wrap

By far one of the best baby gifts I received. My son practically lived in my Solly Baby wrap the first 6 months of life and it made everything about being a mom so much easier.

These wraps are so comfy for baby, so they're perfect for on-the-go contact naps, getting things done around the house, or just hands-free snuggles.

Plus they come in THE CUTEST colors! I'm obsessed with the Flax, Camel, and Coastal colors, but you will fall in love with any of them!

41) Diaper bag clothes

This is one of my favorite gifts for a new mama because most moms don't think about extra clothes in the diaper bag until it's too late. And I'm not just talking about an extra onesie or two for baby, I'm also talking about extra clothes for mama when baby spits up or poops on her while running errands.

So here are some simple choices for extra diaper bag outfits for both mama and baby:

One more thing - gift a box of gallon ziploc bags to go with the clothes! Those dirty clothes need a sealed place to live in until mama can go home and wash them.

42) Made by Mary jewelry

My mother-in-law got me this necklace from Made by Mary and it's still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

I love everything from Made by Mary because they're high quality jewelry but very minimalist and simple. They sell necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and even anklets that are all customizable based on names, birthdays, birth flowers, and significant symbols like rainbows and waves.

A necklace I have my eyes on is the stackable discs of birth flowers; I'd love to have one pendant for each one of my kids!

43) Breast milk jewelry

I didn't know this was a thing until writing this article, but I think breast milk jewelry would be the coolest gift! The Etsy shop takes a sample of mama's breastmilk and uses it to make stones for a necklace and ring. SO COOL.

This is one of the more expensive gifts, but it is definitely one of the more meaningful and personalized gifts on the list.

44) Claw hair clips

I will admit, I thought these belonged in the 90s until I tried them. Then I realized what all the hype was about!

Plus, everyone jokes about the "mom haircut" but when I had my baby, I didn't want to cut my hair! I certainly wanted it up or back a lot, but I didn't want to cut it.

Enter: the clip. They were the perfect solution for me! I didn't get the headaches or creased hair from ponytails but I didn't chop off all my hair either.

I love this set of neutral claw clips that comes with two styles of clips, and this set has more earthy tones like green and blue too.

45) Scrunchies

I'm obsessed with scrunchies. And maybe they're not in style anymore, but I love them because they don't break my hair when I use them and they're really comfortable at night.

If mama likes neutral colors, grab this set; if she prefers more vibrant colors, choose this set!

46) Matching bracelets

I found these morse code matching bracelets on Amazon and they say "I love you" in white and black beads. They're so cute and it's a fun way to give a meaningful gift to mama and her new baby.

(If the bracelet won't fit baby, mama can attach it to the diaper bag or leave in the nursery!)

47) Graphic T-shirt

If you or your friend have a funny sense of humor and like graphic T-shirts, you're going to love these "boobery brewing" graphic T-shirts on Etsy! They come in a few different colors and mamas practically live in T-shirts anyway, so you know the gift will be well-worn and well-loved.

Self care

48) Bath bombs

If mama has some time to relax and take a warm bath, a bath bomb is a great gift idea. However, most bath bombs you'll find at department stores are filled with parabens, endocrine disruptors, plastics, and synthetic dyes, all of which will only exacerbate mama's crazy hormones.

That's why brands like Bathorium are the best option for bath bombs: they've been independently certified organic and non-toxic and their scents are incredible!

For more amazing organic bath bomb options, check out this blog post from The Honest Consumer.

49) Shower bombs

I've actually never heard of these, but I really want to try them because I'm not a bath person (and who has the time to take a bath?).

I love these shower bombs because they're vegan, paraben-free, and scented with essential oils, so they're non-toxic and naturally stress-relieving. There are three different packs to choose from, but I'm confident all of them are great options!

50) Lotion

A simple way to relax after a long day (or night) of being a mama. I loved putting on lotion to my feet before sleeping or letting my husband use it when I needed a back massage.

Again, the only caution is finding a brand that's non toxic and doesn't have any endocrine disruptors in it. And you won't find many of those brands on the store shelves.

However, one of my favorite brands Native is available at Target! I love all of their products - shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, face wash, and lotions - because their ingredients list is short and simple and they actually tell you what all the ingredients do and where they come from.

My favorite scents for their lotions are the coconut vanilla and the lavender rose.

51) Face mask

Whether it's a rub-on face mask or a peel-off eye mask, both options are a great form of self care for a tired mama.

I love the Volition Chocolate Macadamia mask. It was made in partnership with Monique from Ambitious Kitchen and she is all about clean skincare. Her mask helps nourish, hydrate, and tighten your skin while reducing redness for that natural, effortless, look.

Throw in some lip balm and you've got the perfect simple gift for mama!

52) Vitamin E oil

If mama had a C section or got some stretch marks during pregnancy, vitamin E oil is just what she needs.

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant and has been shown to improve elasticity in the skin and reduce the appearance of scars.

Just a little bit each day for a few weeks will help mama feel more comfortable in her skin and help her wounds heal.

I like this oil because it's 100% organic and non-toxic, but it's also a good price per ounce.

53) Essential oils

One of my favorite natural remedies for headaches, congestion, and stress is essential oils.

They are absorbed onto the skin or through the nose, depending on the oil, and have an immediate affect on your nervous system.

I used peppermint oil all throughout my pregnancy and during labor for headaches and small pains, and the lavender and tea tree oil helped with my insomnia and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum.

I love this essential oils set because it's 100% organic and is a great starter kit with 6 of the most common and effective oils: eucalyptus, tea tree, orange, lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint oil.

If mama hasn't used essential oils before, be sure to get her a diffuser too!

54) Gel nail kit

Since mama probably won't get out much those first few months, bring the nail salon to her with an at-home gel nail kit!

My husband got this gel nail kit for my birthday and I absolutely love it. It makes getting my nails done an easy, self care date without scrambling during nap time because my nails are literally done in less than 10 minutes and I know they're going to last me a few weeks.

My favorite colors right now are these neutrals, but I also have my eye on this colorful set.

55) Heating/cooling pad

These are what got me through labor, delivery, and recovery and I'm obsessed. I love that one gel pack can be used for heat or ice depending on what you need.

This gel pad comes in three different sizes and is very affordable!

56) Massage gun

I don't personally have a massage gun, but lots of influencers swear by them. The most popular one is the Theragun, but those are quite pricey, so I found a similar massage gun for 80% cheaper that has more than 35,000 5 star ratings. It's on huge sale right now, too!

57) Massage gift card

Now that mama doesn't have a baby in her stomach anymore, I'm sure she's thrilled to be able to lay on her stomach again. You know what that means?

She can finally have a full body massage!

Grab a gift certificate or gift card for a local massage studio and wait and see how excited she is!

58) Gift certificates

You know when you were 6 or 7 and your mother's day gift was "chore coupons" where you'd write something like "this coupon is good for one backrub" in your chicken scratch? While that was a very simple and timeless gift, it's still a great gift to reimagine for your friend.

My sister and brother-in-law gave my husband and I a gift certificate for "one free night of babysitting" with some movie tickets and our favorite snacks so we could go on a date night. It doesn't have to be anything crazy, just something thoughtful that you think would make mama's day.

Some gift certificate ideas are:

  • Free cleaning
  • Free babysitting
  • Lunch date
  • Girl's night
  • Hot shower (you hold the baby)
  • Long nap (you hold the baby)
  • Cleaning the car
  • Making dinner

59) Book

Babies sleep a lot during the first year of life, especially in the first 3 months, and mama is going to be holding baby for a lot of them.

If she's not able to sleep, having a new book on hand is a great option to keep her occupied without adding work to her plate.

If she has a kindle, you could also get her an Audible subscription so she can get a whole bunch of new audio books to listen to.

60) Promptly journal

One of of the most meaningful gifts I got for myself was a Promptly journal. This journal documents everything about baby's life from conception and pregnancy all the way through their 18th birthday.

I consider this a gift to mama because scrapbooking and writing down memories of her kids is a very daunting and overwhelming task, especially when she feels like she has no time.

This journal takes out all of the guessing work and has the cutest ways to document special moments and memories in baby's life. There's even places for ultrasound pictures, handprints, and footprints too!

They come in the cutest colors, so she can have a different color for each baby.

They also have a postpartum journal that helped me work through my emotions and feelings after having a baby and I highly recommend it for every new mama.

61) Photoshoot

If you're a photographer or you know a local photographer, helping pitch in for a short photoshoot is an amazing and very thoughtful gift for a new mama.

As moms, we are so good at taking pictures of our kids and everyone else with our kids, but we often don't get pictures of US with our kids. We also want high quality pictures of those newborn days when our kids are just perfect and beautiful and innocent.

Find a photographer that can get some pictures of mama with baby, even if it's just for 30 minutes, so she can treasure them forever and have some beautiful images to use as a screensaver on her phone.

62) Flower subscription

If you have a larger budget for a gift for mama, a flower subscription is a fun and unique gift that will make her smile each month.

This flower subscription will deliver fresh bouquets of flowers right to mama's doorstep each month (or each week) that are hand picked with seasonal flowers and beautifully arranged.

If you don't want to do a subscription but you still want to deliver flowers, they also have 1-time deliveries based on the occasion, and they have a whole collection called "new baby" with the most beautiful and bright flower arrangements to celebrate being a new mama.

63) Yoga class

Yoga is a fantastic and gentle way to get the body moving after having a baby, and it's also a great way to relax and be present with yourself. I highly recommend yoga for all my postpartum clients.

If there's a local yoga studio nearby, getting mama a few free classes is a great way to encourage a healthy recovery and help her find some dedicated time for herself after having a baby.

64) Light box

My husband has one of these and he uses it every morning before work. A light box helps stimulate the brain first thing in the morning, encouraging a healthy circadian rhythm and boosting vitamin D levels, which help battle seasonal affective disorder and depression.

Just 15 minutes in front of this small light can greatly enhance your mood and your immune system!

We love this light box because it comes with 3 different brightness settings, 4 different time settings, and it's UV-free but mimics natural sunlight. It also comes with a $5 coupon!


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If mama is a working mom or plans on spending some time away from baby every once in a while, pumping is going to be an important part of her lactation journey.

Unfortunately, all the supplies for pumping add up quickly and pumping is no easy task, so anything you can gift her from this list will make a huge difference for her and enable her to successfully pump milk.

Note: most insurances will cover the cost of an electric pump, so hopefully that's not an item on the holiday gift list for mama.

65) Milk storage bags

There's no point in pumping milk if you don't have somewhere to store it! Gift mama with her first box of milk storage bags that hold up to 6 ounces and can stand on their own.

You can also grab these reusable silicone milk bags for a more sustainable option!

Note: I've also heard from moms on TikTok that silicone ice cube trays are great for freezing colostrum and breastmilk in small quantities!

66) Breast pump bag

Having a designated breast pump bag is so helpful if mama is on-the-go or going back to work.

I love this breast pump bag because it's water resistant, easy to clean, and comes with both a side pocket for the pump and a 15" laptop pocket on the inside.

67) Extra pump shields

Getting mama some extra pump shields (also known as flange inserts) is a great gift because I can guarantee there is always going to be a pile of dishes in the sink, so having a few extra shields means mama doesn't have to wash pump parts as often.

It's important to get some that fit the exact model of breast pump that mama has, so double check with her before purchasing any!

A popular pump is the Medela, so you can order some extra Medela flanges on Amazon.

68) Ice packs

If mama is pumping at work or somewhere far from baby, it's important to keep the milk as cold as possible so it doesn't spoil. Ice packs help solve that problem!

This ice pack set of 4 is made from food-safe polyethylene and it flexible, which I think is more practical, but you can really use any ice pack.

69) Bokee

The Bokee is such a useful tool for any mama to have on hand, but especially for pumping moms.

It's a little suction cup stand that allows you to unscrew, fill, and prepare a bottle of milk for baby one handed, and can also be used on sippy cups as baby gets older.

70) Non-toxic cleaning products

Mama's hormones are already out of control after having a baby, so there's no reason to make them worse by using big, name brand cleaning products for cleaning pump parts or sanitizing dirty baby surfaces.

My favorite non-toxic cleaning brands are:

  • Mrs. Meyers - for hand soaps, dish soap, and multi-purpose cleaning spray
  • Seventh Generation - for cleaning wipes and dishwasher detergent
  • Branch Basics - for cleaning sprays, bathroom cleaners, and laundry detergent


Whether it's for a baby shower, post delivery, or mother's day, each of these 70+ gifts are all great options for the perfect gift set for new breastfeeding moms or pumping moms.

There are plenty of options for every budget and, most importantly, you're guaranteed to find something meaningful and personal for that special mama in your life.

This is the ultimate gift guide for every new mom in her breastfeeding journey, whether she is a nursing mom or pumping mom. Each of these thoughtful gift ideas are a great way to make mama's postpartum journey easier, healthier, and happier.


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