November 2, 2022

Kennabang's Favorite Protein Waffles Recipe

Made with Kodiak Cakes, cottage cheese, and minimal added sugar, these healthy protein waffles are a weekly staple for Kenna Bangeter. Each waffle has 40 grams of protein per serving, so it's easy to see why this recipe is her favorite!
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Fun fact: I actually met Kenna Bangeter at my local grocery store during Covid!

She had forgotten her mask and wasn't allowed inside, and I happened to hear the conversation right as I was walking in with my baby.

I offered her a mask and that was that!

I knew who she was, but didn't mention anything. Stage fright I guess? (Kenna you're so cool!)

Well, hours later I finally found enough courage to message her on Instagram and tell her who I was.

We became instant friends and we've kept in touch ever since!

Today's recipe for Kodiak protein waffles is Kenna's go-to breakfast recipe and she shares it weekly on her Instagram.

I thought it needed a more permanent place in the world than a 24-hour social media post, so here it is!

I know you're going to love it as much as we do!

Plates of waffles with various toppings

Why you'll love this recipe

Easy to make: the entire recipe is made in the blender with only 5 ingredients. Now THAT'S an easy recipe!

Healthy ingredients: made from real, whole foods that are nourishing and delicious.

Macro friendly: this recipe has a balanced ratio of carbs, protein, and fat to keep you fuller longer

Great for meal prep: double the recipe to make your busy mornings easier and tastier.

The FLUFFIEST waffles: no, really, these truly are extra fluffy protein waffles!

Enjoy anytime: this recipe is perfect for an easy breakfast or a post-workout snack

Kid friendly: Kenna's two-year-old and my 15-month-old both love this recipe!

Why choose protein waffles over regular waffles?

I'm a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


It's one of the first things you do for your body after a long stretch of sleeping and fasting. You want lots of good energy from wholesome ingredients to get you through your day.

One of the easiest ways to do that is by having at least 20 g protein with your meal.

Protein isn't just for building muscle, it's for boosting metabolism, reducing cravings, strengthening connective tissue, and boosting energy levels.

These easy protein waffles are a great recipe for hitting your protein goals first thing in the morning but with less time and effort in the kitchen.

So, the next time you go to make a regular waffle recipe, try this protein waffle recipe instead!

Ingredients for kodiak cakes protein waffles

Ingredients you'll need

  • Kodiak Cakes pancake mix: a whole grain pancake mix made with whole wheat flour, oat flour, whey protein, and baking powder to keep things simple but healthy. Feel free to use any of the Kodiak Cakes mixes, including the gluten free blend, the plant based mix, or the dark chocolate variety.
  • Low fat cottage cheese: this is the 2% milk fat cottage cheese. Kenna has tried a whole bunch of different brands, and she says that Daisy is the best!
  • Whole egg: for healthy fats, structure, and extra fluffy texture. You'll need one whole egg per waffle.
  • Egg white: for more protein. You'll need one egg white per waffle, but if you're making more than one waffle, I recommend using liquid egg whites!
  • Cinnamon: for a boost of flavor and antioxidants.
  • Unsweetened almond milk: to thin the batter and add extra vitamins. You can use any type of milk, like soy milk, cashew milk, or regular dairy milk.

Equipment you'll need

A blender with the ingredients for protein waffles inside

How to make protein waffles

Step 1: blend the ingredients

Add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smooth. Make sure to scrape down the sides as necessary.

Tip: if you have one of those blenders that you have to flip upside down before blending, put the dry ingredients in FIRST, then the cottage cheese, then all the remaining ingredients. That way, when you flip it, the wet ingredients blend first.

If you want your waffles to be a bit sweeter, add a teaspoon of vanilla extract!

Lastly, if you have any mix ins like chocolate chips or chopped fruit, fold those in now.

Waffle batter being poured into a waffle iron

Step 2: make the waffles

Heat a waffle iron until it's ready to cook.

Spray your waffle maker with with nonstick spray, then pour half the waffle batter (about 2/3 cup of batter) into the center. Use the back of a spoon or spatula to spread out the batter to the edges, but leave some room for the batter to expand or you'll end up with a huge mess!

When the waffle iron finishes the cycle, remove your golden brown waffle with a fork and repeat with the remaining batter.

Top with your favorite toppings and enjoy your delicious waffles!

Different flavors to try

  • The Kenna: top with mixed berries and whipped cream
  • The Jack: top with a knob of butter, maple syrup, and mini chocolate chips
  • The Tommy: top with strawberries, bananas, and honey
  • The Brooke: use dark chocolate Kodiak Cakes mix and top with chocolate chips
  • The Tyler: top with banana slices and chocolate chips (aka banana bread waffles!)

Mini waffles on a cutting board with fresh fruit

Favorite toppings for waffles

  • Sugar free maple syrup (or real maple syrup)
  • Vanilla greek yogurt
  • Peanut butter or other nut butters
  • Room temperature butter
  • Fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries, or bananas
  • Sugar free chocolate chips
  • Homemade jam (this one is made with chia seeds!)
  • Zero calorie cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar

A half eaten waffle on a plate

How to store leftover waffles

Cool waffles to room temperature, then store in an airtight container like a ziploc bag or a glass tupperware.

Store in the fridge for up to 5 days or in the freezer for up to 3 months.

If storing in the freezer, wrap in plastic wrap before adding to an airtight freezer bag.

How to reheat waffles

From refrigerated

  1. Place waffles on a microwave safe plate and warm for 30-60 seconds until they reach the desired temperature.
  2. Heat in a toaster or toaster oven until slightly crispy.
  3. Spray an air fryer with non-stick spray and heat at 400° for 2-4 minutes.

From frozen

Heat in a toaster or toaster oven straight from the freezer until warmed and slightly crispy.

A plate of mini waffles with bananas and honey on top

Frequently asked questions

Does this recipe work with any pancake mix?

Yes! Kodiak Cakes is our favorite because it's high protein, but you can use any pancake mix you like. Our other favorites are Bob's Red Mill, Simple Mills, and Birch Benders!

Can I make this recipe into protein pancakes?

Yes! Just use a pancake griddle or large skillet on the stove and add your favorite mix ins. Omit the milk if you want thicker flapjacks.

Can I add protein powder to my waffles?

Of course! For the best results, I recommend vanilla protein powder, but chocolate protein powder would taste great, too. You might need an extra tablespoon or two of extra milk.

For all my recommendations and evaluations of different protein powders, read this blog post.

Is Kodiak Cakes healthy?

In general, yes. They use 100% whole grains, minimal added sugar, and whey protein powder in their pancake mixes, so the Kodiak waffle mix is considered a healthy alternative to regular pancake or waffle mixes.

Is Kodiak Cakes good for weight loss?

The variations of pancake mixes are a great option for people looking to improve their dietary choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The frozen waffles, however, do have a few inflammatory or processed ingredients like vegetable oil and soy lecithin, so if those ingredients aren't a good choice for you, it's best to stick with the instant pancake mixes.

Is Kodiak Cakes pancake mix sugar free?

No. All variations of the instant pancake mix, including the gluten free and plant-based mixes, have some type of added sugar like brown sugar or cane sugar.

Where can I buy Kodiak Cakes?

The buttermilk waffle mix is available at most wholesale retailers and local grocery stores. You can also find a large variety of their products on Amazon or purchase any product directly from their website.

Can I make these Kodiak Cake waffles gluten free?

Sure! Just use the Frontier Oat gluten free blend.

How do I make vegan protein waffles with Kodiak Cakes?

Use the Kodiak Cakes "plant based classic" mix and add water with a bit of melted coconut oil. There are no eggs or dairy and it's made with plant-based protein.

Please note that this recipe is not adaptable for vegan diets, so the above suggestion is for basic vegan protein waffles and not a vegan version of this waffle recipe.

Protein waffles with fruit and greek yogurt on top

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I hope you love these high protein waffles as much as Kenna and I do! They're an easy way to get a wholesome breakfast in minutes. (Warning: they might become your new favorite recipe!)

Be sure to leave a star rating and review if you tried these kodiak waffles so other readers know how you liked it! Just scroll to the bottom of the recipe card and find the button that says "leave a review." Thank you so much!

Made with Kodiak Cakes, cottage cheese, and minimal added sugar, these healthy protein waffles are a weekly staple for Kenna Bangeter. Each waffle has 40 grams of protein per serving, so it's easy to see why this recipe is her favorite!


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  • 1 C Kodiak Cakes buttermilk waffle mix*
  • 1 C low fat cottage cheese (2% milkfat)
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/3 C liquid egg whites**
  • 1/4 C unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • Cinnamon, to taste


  1. Add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smooth, scraping down the sides as necessary.
  2. Spray a heated waffle iron with cooking spray, then pour half the waffle batter (about 2/3 cup) into the center and spread around with a spoon or spatula, leaving some space for the waffle to expand around the edges. Cook for one full cycle (every waffle iron is different, so just let it do it's thing!), then use a fork to remove from the waffle maker.
  3. Serve with your favorite toppings*** and enjoy!


*See blog post for substitutions.

**If you want to cut the recipe in half, you can use either one separated egg white or 3 Tbsp liquid egg whites.

***See blog post for topping ideas.

Nutrition facts are a calculated estimate of one waffle, not including toppings.


Serving: 1 waffle / Calories: 385 / Fat: 9.5g / Saturated fat: 3g / Carbohydrates: 35g / Fiber: 5g / Sugar: 7g / Protein: 38g