April 23, 2024

#30: Building a Career While Building a Family with Meg Miles

If you’ve ever been told that you had to choose between your career and your family, this episode is for you. I sat down with Meg Miles, a wife, mom of 4, and entrepreneur, to talk about her story of chasing her dreams in the workforce while raising her children full time at home. Listen to her real, raw, and emotional journey of struggle, risk, and heartache while also celebrating her biggest wins and lessons learned along the way. At the end, you’ll also get to hear Meg’s experience with postpartum anxiety and how it’s shaped her approach to motherhood and entrepreneurship moving forward.

About this episode

What you'll learn

  • How Meg found the courage to pivot in her career despite all her training
  • The 5 small things Meg does every day to prioritize herself and feel her best
  • What effective communication with your spouse looks like
  • Actionable tips for chasing your dreams while raising a family
  • Meg's story with postpartum anxiety, how it changed her approach to success, and how you can be aware of your own situation

About Meg

Meg Miles is a wife and mother to four kids ages 8, 6, 3, and 1. She’s a registered nurse, certified personal trainer, pre/postnatal  fitness specialist, and owner of Wilma Fit. Her work at Wilma is focused on unifying women in the pursuit of strength and love from the inside out. With new workouts uploaded weekly to the app, she strongly believes our bodies should be celebrated each day through movement, whatever stage of life we’re in. And that when we pursue our best, it allows others the courage and motivation to do the same. 


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