May 29, 2024

#35: The Long-Term Impact of Prenatal Strength Training with Tammy Potter

I'm sure you know that lifting weights is an important part of a healthy pregnancy, but did you know that prenatal strength training impacts your health for more than just 9 months? In today's episode, we talk about how staying active can positively impact your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery and how to safely start or return to exercise once you're expecting. We'll also discuss the best exercises for pregnant women. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just getting started, this episode is packed with practical tips and expert advice to help you stay strong and healthy throughout your pregnancy journey.

About this episode

What you'll learn

  • How the physical changes during pregnancy influence your movement
  • The benefits of strength training during pregnancy
  • How to navigate prenatal fitness advice online
  • Where to start with weight lifting during pregnancy
  • The key to creating a DIY personalized exercise program
  • Why prenatal exercise isn't just about pregnancy
  • What to expect after you're expecting

About Tammy

Founder of The Pregnancy Process Program and host of The Pregnancy Process Podcast Tammy is a renowned pregnancy and postnatal specialist strength coach. She has worked with women who have suffered various birth trauma from minor to severely debilitating, her work with pregnant clients has seen her coach track and strength athletes, professional dancers, martial artists all the way through to women suffering numerous pregnancy complications. Her mission is to help guide & empower women through the maternal metamorphosis and move them away from generic one size fits all trimester based workouts to ensure their pregnancy and postpartum journey is as smooth and fulfilling as possible.


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