#41: Debunking Common Health Myths: Protein, Metabolism, and Fat Loss with Joelle Cavagnaro

In this week's episode, we're tackling some of the biggest myths in the health and wellness space. We'll debunk common misconceptions about protein, metabolism, HIIT workouts, and fat loss, giving you the real facts you need. Plus, we'll discuss how to navigate the often confusing world of online nutrition information. My guest Joelle sets the record straight and helps you make more informed decisions about your health journey.

About this episode

What you'll learn

  • The difference between "foods with protein" and "protein dense" foods
  • The role of protein in the body
  • Who benefits from eating a high protein diet
  • How frequently you should be eating to optimize your metabolism
  • Whether or not your metabolism slows down with age
  • The best type of exercise for sustainable health
  • Whether or not cycle syncing is effective and worth your time

About Joelle

Joelle, the CEO of Level TEN is an online coach and educator who specializes in women’s health, nutrition, and physique development. After battling her way through immense misinformation in the health and fitness industry, Joelle realized how many others were also falsely led down a dark path of disordered eating and obsessive relationships with food and fitness. From then on, Joelle made it her mission to educate others in the hopes she could prevent people from struggling the way she did at the start of her fitness journey. 

Joelle went on to obtain her Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, become a health & fitness coach, and also taught several years of health education and physical education to high school students. Joelle’s ability to make complex health & fitness topics easily understandable for the average gym goer or fitness enthusiast is what allows her clients and audience to gain the knowledge and confidence they need to continue excelling on their own fitness journey.


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